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Note: The user interface is now driven by the new skinning engine. I'll be releasing all the details on how to make skins as soon as I'm finished writing them (will take some time). I think this app has the most powerful skinning engine on the market right now.

The official/default skin drops the WP7 look, but the skinning engine is flexible enough that it can be made to look exactly like the previous Alpha versions through skins. If you want the WP7 look back, you'll have to wait until someone releases a skin for it (which I'm sure won't take long once the details on how to make skins are released). The Beta versions have a different package name than the Alphas, so they can coexist in your device (you can install the Beta without overwriting the Alpha).

Also, I've started a (collaborative transaltion) project for UberMusic. So if you'd like to see UberMusic translated in your language, feel free to head over to the project page and submit translations/corrections or vote for the best translations.

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